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Production of multi-purpose equipment for industrial automation
Production – Russia, Balashikha
The BZU 200 R1 water regulator is adapted to work in the heating system of urban buildings.
This device is used in water heaters, heating and heating systems for houses, ancillary buildings, hotels, hospitals and other public buildings, including for supplying feed water to the circulation circuits of steam and hot water boilers.
Reflective surface, mm: 2.0
Water meter assembly based on composite tube
Since 1991, Ortex has been successfully producing high-tech equipment based on advanced domestic experience and the latest engineering developments for heat supply, water supply, sewerage, ventilation, refrigeration, automation of technological processes for various purposes: from household and industrial to industrial, heating, ventilation installations . The enterprise has implemented and operates an integrated ERP-system for production management, which makes it possible to evaluate the effectiveness of investments and effectively manage the enterprise.
20.04.13 Metal structures Plant for the production of metal products
On May 20, Ortex celebrated the fifth anniversary of successful work. During this time, the company has grown from a small subcontracting firm into a large manufacturer of building materials.
03.04 Machinery and equipment Repair
04.06 Heating, water supply and ventilation systems
11.06 Air distributors and air blowers
12.06 Consumables and accessories
15.06 Automation and control
20-21.06 Water supply and hot water supply Construction
21.06 Industrial wastewater treatment Storage and pumping
24.06 Industrial equipment
27.06 Air conditioning and ventilation



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