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Singam 2 Songs is a 2017 South Indian Telugu action thriller film directed by Sundeep Kishan starring Kajal Aggarwal, Vijay Sethupathi and Sangeeta. It is a sequel to Singam and is the first installment of the Singam series. Soundtrack – Singam 2.
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All the Fans of Tamil Cinema Please Don’t Play Movies Like Ramu, Singam, Ponniyin Selvan,.Ongoing Projects

July 2018

Many people are working at the moment on course-revision projects at the university. Examples include the following:

Theses on the Historical Background and Status of the Conflict (pdf)
The director (Dr. Dag Salling) is currently working on a PhD thesis that is focused on the historical background and the current status of the conflict in Northern Sámi community. The first half of the theses will be finished by autumn this year. Then, the second half will be finished by spring 2019, focusing on the present status of the conflict.

Thesis-theologian (Dr. Anita Lövgren)
Dr. Lövgren is a student studying at the Swedish Theology Faculty and working on her Master’s Thesis. The thesis is focusing on the theological concept of spirit of place and on the Bible.

The thesis will be completed by autumn this year.

Gamla Uppsala and other studies (Arrabbi Sålle)
Arrabbi Sålle has been researching the historical development of Gamla Uppsala. This has been done in cooperation with Uppsala Naturmuseum, the Gamla Uppsala Historical Society and the National Archaelogical Institute.

The studies have been concluded and the results presented in different publications.

The Historiographical Background of the Present Situation in the Sámi Areas (Ingerfrid Axelsson)
This study is focusing on research of the historical development of the Sámi people, the formation of their traditions, their culture and their politics. It is dealing with the question what is the historical background of the present situation in the Sámi areas.

The study has been completed in May, a presentation and a summary has been made available.

The Study of the Salvation (Nils Holm)
Nils Holm has been studying the ways of salvation in Sámi parishes in the Skåne region from the perspective of the Saami Way of Salvation.

The study is intended to contribute to Sámi repentance in the Skåne region. Results of the study will be delivered as a master’s thesis.d.Properties = properties,


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