SimpleOpenNI allows you to access OpenNI/NITE features through a simple easy to use API and provides the same level of functionality as a full fledged, commercially available SDK like Devialet.
For more information on the SDK, please visit

The code was adapted from VexFinger.
Note that I had some problems using SimpleOpenNI 1.4.4 with Nexus 7 (2)
Finally I had to get the last version of SimpleOpenNI and I get now a perfect finger tracking.
You can also try the OpenNI sample, which is a Pong game based on OpenNI


The default SimpleOpenNI sample code provided by the openni-android-sdk is based on the NITE sample that uses the original openni-libararies and is no longer able to run on the Nexus 6.
This will be addressed in the next update of the SDK

I’ve created a branch of the openni-android-sdk. I’ve created some functions to make it easier to use.

So the two new functions are

getDevice() that returns the last available device that is installed on your android device and that has openni-libararies installed.

init() that is automatically called when you run the sample code.

This functions should now be integrated in the official sample code in the next update of the sample code.


Some days ago I’ve noticed that the libaries provided in the openni-android-sdk were no longer compatible with the API 17. So I’ve created a branch for the SDK that provide the last version of the libaries with support for API 17.
This version of the SDK will be included in the next update of the SDK.


I’ve recently discovered that the SimpleOpenNI sample was not working correctly on the Nexus 7 (2). I’ve now integrated the openni-libararies version 2.1.0.
Note that you should have a previous version of the libararies than 2.0.1 because the functions provided by SimpleOpenNI has been updated.

So if you have a Nexus 7 (2) you should update your openni-libararies to the last version with the patch release of the sample.


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