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Inspiration for recreating the traditional songs in a new way at the Nzango Artist Residency

“One Country” is a project that does research – with a focus on music and culture – regarding former and still existing connections between people living in Southern Africa: The Bantu people. In a first step, the project investigated the connection between Mozambique and South Africa. Later on, collaborations between Mozambique and Swaziland and Mozambique and Zimbabwe will be realized.
The connection between Mozambique and South Africa is characterized by many similarities in culture. The original tribe that connects the two countries are the famous Nguni people, only later tribes split and developed new languages and ways of living. The idea behind the project is to research and reconstruct the common cultural background with a focus on music and afterwards recreate the traditional in a more contemporean and modern style. The objective of the trip to Cape town was to find people and artists who still practice traditional Xhosa music, to interview and film them. The research material later laid – together with traditional Chopi music – the foundation and worked as a source of inspiration for recreating the traditional songs in a new way at the Nzango Artist Residency in Matola, Mozambique. Altogether 6 songs were recorded and the recreation process also documented by video. The final result is a performing act and a CD.

The project involved artists from Mozambique and South Africa and was implemented by Nzango Artist Residency , . Nzango Artist Residency provided accommodation, food, local transport, its rehearsing space, recording studio and sound equipment.  the necessary logistics (coordinating local artists, contacting performance places, organizing the workshop with young people of the community, etc.) and also supported Nzango Artist Residency in the administrative part of project management.

"Music implies a harmonious relationship with nature".

Canda, Nzanguine district on the coast of Inhambane province, Mozambique. The Chopi people are one of the smallest ethnic groups in Mozambique. They populate the lands bathed to the south and east by the Indian Ocean, whose western limit is located at a longitude of 34o, a location relative to both the peoples who are in their vicinity and those who are nearby southern Mozambican. Although the proportion of land they occupy is relatively small, the Chopes have one of the highest population densities in the entire countr

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