January 25th to March 15th Virtual Collaboration Moz & Zimbabwe

One Country" Collaboration with Zimbabwe

Is a project created by NZANGO ARTIST RESIDENCY directed by Matchume Zango to promote artist residences artistic on music and culture.
In this edition the objective is to carry out and exchange between the musicality of Mozambique and Zimbabwe the traditional rhythms Chopi, Sungura and Chimurenga constitute the musical.
Basis of the project will serve as a source of inspiration for artists to create music in more modern and contemporary style merging with such style disco club. Fusion, jazz among others.
Due the covid 19 pandemic this year artist residency will take place in virtual format in which the artists will carry out the remote to communication to compose the repertories, as well as the studio will take places individual at Nzango Studio for Mozambican artists and private studio in South Africa for Frank Mavhimbra.

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