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Mozambican Native Practices

Creativity, Spirituality and Culture to resist climate change

The Native Practices of Mozambique project will develop research and audiovisual documentation of current cultural practices of different ethnic groups from the three regions of Mozambique (north, center and south), in traditional communities that have a rich and vast amount of music, dances and rituals, mainly linked to their work and spiritual activities. What strategies do these people have to continue these practices and what is the impact of climate change on their way of life? It is intended to understand, beyond these strategies, how these climatic effects influence the times of the rituals or even how these situations leave cultural and artistic marks in each of the villages.

We understand that local communities that have not yet been fully globalized retain great knowledge about how to deal with and how to protect nature as they live in harmony with it. We also understand that this knowledge can serve as an inspiration for our contemporary societies that are unable to find concrete and durable solutions to the extreme natural tragedy we are going through. The objective is not that the contemporary world returns to the traditional style of these communities, but rather that at the same time that we create an archive of artistic and cultural practices, we can, through the visibility of these practices, dialogue with them and learn another way of relating to the natural world that surrounds us.

The project is a production of the Nzango Artist Residency, funded by:

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