Alpine Connection - 2018

Matchume Zango: Timbila, Mbira, Xitende, Percussion, Vocals
Jul Dillier: Fender-Rhodes, Piano, Accordion
Matthias Abächerli: E-Bass, Violin
Chris Norz: Drums, Percussion.

Matchume Zango is currently one of the most important representatives of mozambican Chopi-music. In numerous exchange-project with Jazz-musicians, traditional players, performance- and electronic-artists from all over the world he keeps on putting his traditional roots a different environments. Likewise in the band Alpine Connection with the musicians Jul Dillier and Matthias Abächerli from Switzerland and the austrian musician Chris Norz from Austria, who enrich Matchume’s traditional songs with their backgrounds from Jazz and Swiss Folkmusic.

Matchume Zango got to know the two young swiss musicians Jul Diller and Matthias Abächerli in South Africa during a tour of the international musicians-collective Forest Jam. In this first collaboration they first had the idea to form a band together. This idea came to reality during a two-week-residency of Matchume in the very heart of Switzerland, supported by the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia in Johannesburg. Completed by the austrian drummer Chris Norz, the quartet Alpine Connection had an intense time of rehearsals, recordings and concerts in Switzerland and Austria.

Traditional timbila-pieces of the Chopi-tribe, as well as original songs of Matchume Zango build the musical basis of the Band Alpine Connection. Together with the three european musicians with Jazz- and Folkmusic background they are getting rearranged and brought into a new context.
Because all the bandmembers are playing several instruments, the instrumentation changes with every song, which creates an eclectic soundspectre. This way, the music can vary between powerful, rhythmic minimal-beats to very subtle and delicate moments. Additionally, improvisation is an very important element of the bandsound, mainly in liveconcerts. Long and open solo-passages let the audience see feel the interaction between the four bandmembers. Instantly they create intimate or ecstatic moments let the songs develop in different directions. Main goal of the residency in Maputo is to enlarge the band’s repertoire, to differentiate
our style and to create new songs, collectively composed and arranged.

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