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The new compact RC tube generator AUTOSHUT 100 is one of the most portable and functional electric air generators available today. Like all Autoshut generators from Mega-Hit, this model is equipped with two independent power sources, such as lithium batteries and a standard 12-volt plug (max. 8-90 Ah). Compatible with computers, laptops, smartphones and tablet PCs. With the help of 3-phase and 4-stroke motors with a power of 660 watts and 1400 watts, it provides continuous operation without recharging for more than 10 hours. It is controlled from the remote control, has a special button for time synchronization. The device is equipped with a capacious tank that can be used to drain water in the rain, or as a container for the battery. High-quality case material and a sealed case made of high-strength plastic allow you not to worry about the reliability of the design and the safety of the generator, as well as its functionality throughout the entire service life. The generator has a built-in thermal protection switch and on the back of the case there is a power regulator – a battery inverter. There is also a function to start the generator from the 220V network and turn it off in the absence of supply voltage. The rotation speed is controlled by a lever switch on the back of the generator. The reversible motor allows you to turn the handle to eliminate the pause during rotation. Generator dimensions – 255x130x95 mm, weight – 6.5 kg.
ProMedia has launched Steelpower, a solar-powered home generator that contains lithium-ion batteries, two solar modules and a charge controller. Steel Power generates a stable voltage of 230V at a current of 0.8 A. The device kit includes: battery, solar panel, controller, metal case. Stell Power can run on any 220V electricity, and the solar panel provides power up to 174W, which will provide 1.75 hours of continuous operation of the device without recharging. Steel ProMission has developed and marketed in Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Sweden, Denmark and Norway a portable and sufficiently powerful gas electric motor. Generator



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