Roblox is a videogame programming system and platform where users can make a game, play it on a computer, smartphone, tablet, virtual reality headset, or video game console, and distribute or sell copies on Roblox. Creators post ideas for games, build levels, and create music, text, and images. Users can create their own games, and then upload their creations to the platform for others to play. Roblox also allows developers to purchase “Robux” currency, which can be used to purchase in-game items. Users can also purchase “Linden Dollars” currency that can be used to boost the reputation of their character and purchase items in a store. In September 2015, Roblox was sued for copyright infringement by the German music company ProSiebenSat.1 Media SE after the makers of Roblox built a game and music app that would create a live band on demand, similar to an established German livestreaming music service.
Overview – Roblox Products:
For the casual user, Roblox consists of a marketplace, populated by Roblox games (called “skins”) and Robux, a virtual currency. Users can make their own content using the free, in-game programming language Lua, and purchase other third-party content, including music, animations, and other visual content. Users may also pay to improve the quality of their skins. As of December 2019, users can purchase items with Robux.
Roblox currently offers a pair of platform products: the Roblox Studio software (built on Web and iOS), a game development platform; and the Player 2.0 (built on Web, iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows), a sandboxed game distribution platform.
Roblox Studio is available as a free download, and it features a game editor that allows users to create and publish games, as well as a range of game-related content. It is available for PC, macOS, iOS, and Android devices. The Player 2.0 is available as a free download and can be used to distribute or sell games on any platform.
Roblox Studio Features:
The Roblox Studio features a game development environment that features a visual editor, features to view the game in different viewports, to edit music, and to use Lua. Roblox Studio was released for Microsoft Windows on December 28, 2010. It was officially released for Apple Macintosh on August 2, 2012. The Studio


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How to get on Roblox account?

Email, mobile number, sign up for Roblox.

You can also upload your images and videos.

Roblox password guide

Play Games

Play Games. You can play new games created by others. You can also play many of the older games.
Roblox app store.

You can sell your videos and other items.

You can buy your own games for free.

You can try games for free.

Create News. You can create your own news.

Unlock secret achievements.

Roblox open studio.

You can make a game or an image. You can also make music or voice.

Join Roblox server communities.

Roblox construction.

You can build things you can’t do in real life. You can do it by using virtual tools. You can also draw your creations on the screen.


Roblox tips and tricks.

Roblox hacker.

Hacking games.

Roblox robot.


Roblox hacking guide.

Roblox 2.0.

Roblox mermaid.


You can find a legendary trove of lost civilization.

Collect items in a house.

You can buy game items with real money.

Roblox 2.0, version of Roblox.

New interface.

New and improved modes.

Roblox server crash and restart.

Roblox towers.

Roblox invisible maze.

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What is Roblox?

Roblox. Roblox is the biggest social platform. You can make your own games, play them, socialize with your friends. You can make your own virtual world. You can play games and many other things. You can play on your own computer, or you can play Roblox on your mobile device. There are thousands of games and objects to explore.



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