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How to Use Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop for Beginners

Step 1: Begin

To begin using Photoshop, you must first create a new document. You can do this in several ways.

You can open Photoshop from a file as a project. You can also open Photoshop from a Photoshop file (and use the file as a new project).

If you’re trying to open Photoshop from a file, you can click “New” in the “File” menu and then “New” again.

You can also open Photoshop from the toolbar. Just click the name of the document in the Document section of the Toolbar and then choose “New” to open a blank document.

If you’re trying to open Photoshop from a Photoshop file, open the Photoshop file and choose File > New to open a new file.

The resulting document is automatically named.

Step 2: Create a new document

This can be a big part of any beginners tutorials because it’s an essential step in getting used to Photoshop.

At any time you can see a list of open Photoshop documents by opening the File menu and clicking “Open Recent”.

If you’re editing a file, the file name that you open is put on the top of the document window. You can then use either the Arrow keys or scroll through the recent files.

You can also open Photoshop from a Photoshop file. If the Photoshop file is a project, you can open it by clicking “Open” in the Project panel.

Otherwise you can click “Open” in the Photoshop file window to open a file.

Step 3: Set up the workspace

You can also set up the workspace to suit you.

To do this, go to the Document window’s Preview area.

Go to the Window menu and choose the workspace type that you want to use.

This will give you a new set of workspace windows that have the same buttons as the default workspace. You can select which window you prefer to work in and save your preferred workspace by using the Workspace button in the Window menu.

Tip: You can see a list of all the workspaces that you use by going to the Window menu and clicking “Workspaces”.

You can also resize the workspace. Either double-click the title bar of the workspace window to make it larger or click the arrows (or double-click and hold a mouse button to resize) until the workspace window is

Adobe Photoshop 2021

In this guide, we’ll be looking at the best free apps that you can use to edit, enhance, modify or create images for use in graphic design, social media, web design or anything else that involves Photoshop.

Best iOS Photoshop Photoshop Alternatives

The iOS versions are only available on iPad and iPhone (but there are some free apps that work on both). They are useful for designing social media images, logos, web site images and more.

1. Procreate

Procreate is an Adobe Animate CC equivalent that was created for iPads. It was created by Pixar and is used to draw, animate and create 2D vector graphics. It is free to download and use for Apple users.


Useful link:

2. Pixelmator

Pixelmator is an easy to use graphics editor for iOS. It is free for Apple users. It is a Photoshop alternative.

3. Aviary

Aviary is a popular picture editing app on iOS. It is a good alternative to Procreate as it has many of the same features but is compatible with the iPhone and iPad.



There are some glitches but it is highly recommended.

4. Krita

It is an open source 3D graphics editing app. It is free for the public. It is best used for photo editing and creation. It can work on most devices including: iOS, Android, Windows and Macintosh.

5. Scratch-

Scratch- is a simple and easy to use graphics editor for both Apple and Android. It has many of the same features as Photoshop. It does not have the best compatibility but it is free and does not have an in-app purchase.

5. FreeGrain

Free Grain is a browser extension that gives you the ability to edit images in your Google Chrome browser. It is another alternative to Photoshop.

Adobe Photoshop Alternatives for Windows and Mac

1. Paint.NET

Paint.NET is a free alternative for Windows users. It is compatible with Mac and iOS users. It is a good graphics editor for editing images from a website.


GIMP is a free alternative for Windows users. It

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Mac OS X
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Intel 64-bit only (only for Mac OS X 10.6 and later)
32-bit Intel (only for Mac OS X 10.10 and later)
32-bit Intel only (only for Mac

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