About Nzango Artisit Residency

In the region of Southern Africa, Nzango Artist Residency is a vibrant exchange platform
for artists from Mozambique and neighbouring countries. It enables sustainable partnerships
through artistic residencies, music production, recording of albums and audio-visual content, as
well as the coordination of academic research on traditional African music and the preservation
of local Bantu cultures within and beyond Mozambique.

Over the years, cooperation with artists from all over the African continent and other parts of the world has consolidated and pathed the way for new collaborations, increasing visibility and international projection of Mozambican and African music.
With regard to the internal context of Mozambique, Nzango Artist Residency is one of
the few cultural institutions in the country that provides adequate infrastructure for artist
residencies with board and lodging, a professional recording studio, a space for rehearsals and
performances, as well as services such as transport and communication management. Visiting
artists enjoy a safe space for the independent, non-governmental and autonomous realisation of
their projects and get the chance to develop their artistic work further. What is more, the
geographical location of Nzango Artist Residency in Matola, a neighbouring city of the capital
Maputo, is of crucial importance. While we stay connected to central urban flows, we expand
them to peripheral areas, dynamising and increasing the outreach of the projects.